mixed media
18 " x 22"

they can't all be right
so they
must all be wrong


acrylic on sheetrock
23 " x 40"

portrait of the artist as a young writer
mixed media
25 " x 20"

foster philips
acrylic, construction paper on wood panelling
16" x 24"

acrylic on wood panelling
24" x 32"

portrait of lyn
mixed media on sheetrock
37" x 33"

sometimes the thought just
hangs with no words there
mixed media on plywood
6" x 8"
23" x 32"

alan ginsberg waiving goodbye
construction paper, black tie-line on sheetrock
20" x 24"

acrylic, black tie-line on glass
19" x 29"

mixed media on sheetrock
32" x 24" (19" clearance)


sean penn's eyes
construction paper on sheetrock
52" x 17"

All artwork and site elements copyright Bruce W. Greenwood 2001. All rights reserved.

Photography by Andrew McGibbon